Slate Wall Fountains

Because no two pieces of slate are exactly alike, you can count on your slate wall fountain to be one-of-a-kind.

sunrise springs stainless steel and slate wall fountainSlate is one of the most popular materials used in wall-mounted fountains and waterfalls. The slate is quarried in India and hand-finished for a unique textured look. You can choose from green slate, black slate, or a stunning Multi-Color slate (Rajah) that has a mixture of shades of reds, golds, greens, and rusts.

Slate wall fountains come in one, two, and three-panel designs, and are available with multiple framing options.

Slate wall waterfalls also come in a lightweight design (feather stone) that uses thinner sheets of slate that are fused together with a pliable, state of the art, backing. This process greatly reduces the weight of the fountain while maintaining the natural beauty and uniqueness of the slate. This also increases the flexibility of the slate which adds additional design options that are not possible with the larger slate slabs. These are often what you see in the 4-panel models.

Indoor Slate Wall Fountains are Perfect for Any Space

One of the most beautiful options for anyone who is in the market for a wall feature is the indoor slate wall fountains. These fountains have a classic feel, although you can find a number of slate fountains that evoke a sleek and modern feel as well. You will have plenty of options from which you can choose with these fountains. One of the reasons that they are so popular is that they evoke the appearance and even the sound of a natural environment. The water cascading over the slate has a relaxing effect. This makes them ideal for the home or for the office.

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Finding the Best Wall for your Indoor Slate Wall Fountains

One of the most important aspects of choosing the right fountain is choosing the right wall first. Make sure that you choose a wall where the indoor slate wall fountains will have plenty of exposure. After all, they are beautiful and you want people to see and appreciate them. Also, make sure that the wall is going to be able to support the fountain.

NSI Slate panels are also available on a select group of our slate wall fountains. This technology allows for the natural beauty of the slate to be crafted into slimmer panels for unique effects such as rounded fountain features. The slimmer panels also make the wall fountains lighter for hanging and installation. Accents such as river rock add to the natural beauty of your wall fountain and create soft sounds as the water comes into contact with them.

Your slate wall fountains may have submersible halogen bulbs, or full-spectrum LED lighting options. Both of these add a soft light to your water feature and make your slate wall fountain stand out against the wall for a focal point of movement and light. A slate wall fountain makes a nice addition to any décor from traditional to modern and can be used to accent existing décor or to create a new space.

Finding the Right Indoor Slate Wall Fountains

You should also take your time when you are choosing your fountain. You can find pure slate fountains as well as those that have metal accents on them. The slate fountains can look very nice when they have accents with copper and even steel. You want to choose the fountain that is going to fit your style of décor. Different sizes and styles are available, so make sure that you find the one that’s going to be perfect when it comes to size and aesthetics.

Slate Fountains Look Great Everywhere

You want to have a touch of class in your home then you can add a gorgeous slate fountain. If you want to add something special to your business, the indoor slate wall fountains are a great choice for that as well. Corporations will even be able to add their logo to slate fountains. Imagine how nice one of those large, gorgeous slate wall fountains will look in your lobby area.

Start shopping for one of these fountains today. You will find something that’s going to work wonders for your home or business!

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