Hand Painted Art Wall Fountains

TWILIGHTTruly works of art even the trained eye of a seasoned artist will appreciate. This spectacular series of indoor wall fountains is like nothing you have ever seen before and showcases a combination of art and waterfall that you just won’t find anywhere else.

Each piece, in this series of Galaxy Art designer wall fountains, is individually hand-painted, upon your order, on the back of a clear Lexan acrylic panel. You can choose from one of the sizes listed or custom order one to suit your needs. The price goes up with size, of course, but the artists can create them in any size that you like, and can even modify the color scheme on request.

Classy, colorful, and sure to be the topic of conversation every time you have visitors to your home or office where these are proudly displayed. These specialty designs, including Fireflies, Florentine Leafs, Flight in Motion, High Tide, Monet’s Ballet, Mardi Gras, Mandolin on Key, Koi and Lotus, Central Park and so many more, allow you to have your most treasured memories paired with a wall fountain, bringing you peace, joy and tranquility for many, many years to come.

Indoor Art Wall Fountains Offer the Best of Both Worlds

You have a space on your wall, either at home or at your business, and you want to find the perfect solution for you décor needs. The only trouble is that you can’t decide if you want to have a painting on the wall or a wall fountain instead. When you look at the great indoor art wall fountains that are available today, you will see that you do not have to choose. With the art fountains, you will have the best of both worlds! You have the beauty and soothing sounds that the indoor fountains provide, and you have the aesthetic boon of having a gorgeous painting as well.

Your Painting is Safe

The paintings on the wall fountains are specifically for use with a water feature, and they were created with that in mind. The paintings on the indoor art wall fountains are never in danger of getting wet. A thin, transparent sheet separates the art from the water that cascades over it. You can be sure that your fountain is going to stay looking great for many years to come.

Your Aesthetic Style

Many people love the indoor art wall fountains because it gives them an opportunity to find a piece of art that they enjoy, as well as a fountain that they are going to love. The art fountains are interesting pieces that will become a center of attention no matter where you keep them. These types of fountains can be great in the office, in a waiting area, and in your home.

You will find many different styles of painting that will meet what you need. In addition, you can add lighting features to the fountain. This is generally a good idea because proper lighting will be able to show of the indoor art wall fountains in the best possible way. You can find still life paintings, modern and surrealistic art, and much more. No matter your artistic sensibilities, you are sure to find a fountain that speaks to you.

Some of the indoor art wall fountains even have metal accents and designs that help to make them pop even more. Take your time and find a wall fountain that is right for your home or your business.

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