Indoor Wall Fountains

Indoor Wall Water Fountains Can Turn An Ordinary Wall Into Extraordinary and Provide You with Peace and Tranquility. They are much more than a coveted interior design element or fashionable feature for your home or office. While their high-end look is hard to ignore, it’s the natural peace and tranquility indoor wall fountains provide that prompt people to add one to their favorite room.


While some wall fountains are standalone pieces, many come as panels. This type of wall fountain will typically be available in one, two, or three-panel version, though some have 4-panel versions.


Bring The Beauty and Tranquility of Nature Into Your Home With Decorative Indoor Wall Fountains

Wall fountains in our collection include specialty figurine wall fountains, slate and candle fountains, crackled glass, steel and copper wall fountains. All of our wall fountains come with recirculating water pumps, appropriate mounting brackets and hardware, and installation instructions to ensure safe placement on your walls. Illumination options among our wall fountain selections include candle light, submersible halogen bulbs, and full spectrum LED lighting. Each of these has its own unique lighting properties and we recommend that you watch the accompanying product videos to see the wall fountains in movement. Many of the wall fountains in our collection also come with remote control options so that you can enjoy the beauty of your water feature without having to get up from your favorite seating arrangement.


Wall Hanging Water Fountains

Whether you are looking for a focal piece or accent solution in your home, our wall fountains come in a variety of styles and design choices to accent your décor. Slate wall fountains provide natural beauty, while candle wall fountains add soft ambient lighting. If you are looking for more modern designs you will be pleased with our crackled glass wall fountains and steel wall fountains. Copper wall fountains and figurine wall fountains suit almost any décor and add rich accents to existing rooms. All of our wall fountains have been designed with maximum tranquility in mind to create a soothing space that you want to visit in your home to relax, meditate or unwind alone or in the company of friends.


Indoor Wall Waterfall Fountains

Indoor Wall Mounted Water fountains and Indoor Waterfalls are excellent for contributing to your waiting area as they add a calming sound to delight your visitors as well as clients. A number of our customers will add a logo design to their water wall to include some added signage to their workplace. Perfect for your service or home, wall surface mounted water wall surfaces are a prominent selection.

Slate Wall Fountains

Slate wall fountains in our collection include options which feature slate as a full panel, slabs of slate, and slate bases. The natural beauty of the stone guarantees that your slate wall fountain will be unique and the rich warmth of the natural color pallet complement most décor schemes and interior design elements. Wall fountains can sometimes be used as floor fountains as well, but you should defer to the individual slate wall fountain specifications – if the wall fountain you choose is only rated for wall installation you should not use it as a floor model. Enclosed brackets and installation specifications ensure safe operation.

NSI Slate panels are also available on a select group of our slate wall fountains. This technology allows for the natural beauty of the slate to be crafted into slimmer panels for unique effects such as rounded fountain features. The slimmer panels also make the wall fountains lighter for hanging and installation. Accents such as river rock add to the natural beauty of your wall fountain and create soft sounds as the water comes into contact with them.

Your slate wall fountains may have submersible halogen bulbs, or full spectrum LED lighting options. Both of these add a soft light to your water feature and make your slate wall fountain stand out against the wall for a focal point of movement and light. A slate wall fountain makes a nice addition to any décor from traditional to modern and can be used to accent existing décor or to create a new space.



Steel Wall Fountains

Steel wall fountains come in brushed and polished configurations in a variety of sizes to be a focal point or an accent piece in your indoor spaces. A steel wall fountain with NSI Slate technology from our collection is a popular choice. This special NSI Slate technology creates a lighter weight slab for wall mount applications which makes the steel wall fountain an easy install for the homeowner with provided bracket and instructions.

Another popular choice among our steel wall fountain collection is tempered mirror panels. These curvilinear tempered glass mirror panels create a beautiful crackled appearance which enhances the beauty of the water flowing over them and makes them highly reflective focal points in your living space. Optional upgrades to your steel wall fountain purchase can include copper patina to add a rich warmth to the durable steel framework of your fountain.

Steel wall fountains are known for the durability, and combined with state of the art materials make excellent entry way accents, or wall décor for any room in the home. River rocks bring more of the outdoors in, and create a peaceful environment where you and your guests can relax and enjoy the soothing waters as they flow over mirror panels or NSI Slate’s natural beauty. Multi-functional remote control options ensure that you can kick back in your favorite chair or couch and turn on the full spectrum or submersible halogen lighting from across the room for added ambience and convenience so you can use your steel wall fountains how you want, when you want.


Copper Wall Fountains

Copper wall fountains have distinctive copper metal accents and designs which add warmth to your décor whether used indoor or out. Many of our copper wall fountain options have multiple size options so that you can go big or small depending on your desire for a small water feature or a large focal point to your indoor or outdoor space. Of course, our selection of copper wall fountains can also be used for lighting with options including submersible halogen bulbs and full spectrum LED which really brings out the natural tonations and colors of complimentary materials such as natural slate panels which are featured on many of our wall fountains.

Some of the materials available with our collection of copper wall fountains include natural slate rock, polished river rock, hand painted river pebbles, and tempered mirror finished. Sturdy resin or metal bases provide solid places to affix your copper wall fountain to existing drywall or other structural surfaces. Some of our copper wall found designs have flexibility with installation too, with either wall mount or standing floor fountain options. Copper is a metal revered for its luster, richness and ability to enhance the beauty of other metal accents you may have in your room. This durable and environmentally friendly material also brings out the rich finishes of the natural slate, beautifully accents glass and resin, and comfortable nestles with the pebbles and river rock blues and greys to create harmonious décor regardless of your home’s style or the other accent features in your spaces.


Figurine Wall Fountains

Figurine wall fountains are excellent conversation starters and can provide a whimsical or meditative water feature for your indoor spaces and rooms. Two popular models in our collection include the Wood Flower Wall Table Top Fountain and the Vestaglia Burnished Gold Wall Fountain. Both of these models come complete with recirculating water pump as do all of our water fountains on the site. Submersible halogen bulbs provide just the right illumination for these lovely figurine wall fountain options and our video accompaniment allows you to see the wall fountains in action.

The Wood Flower Fountain can be wall mounted or used as table top décor. The aged wood finish and design bring in the subtle beauty of outdoor spaces and was inspired by Guatemalan “wood flowers”. This distinctive figurine wall fountain has a definite earth friendly feel to it. The Vestalgia Burnished Gold Wall Fountain has four unique figures and three basins through which the water flows. This unit has unique design elements such as the four silver tone figures, their burned gold robes, vessels and soft golden light which emerge from the bottom pool or basin of water. This figurine wall fountain is a definite conversation starter and provides lovely, soft mood lighting as well as puts off a soft glow from the burnished golden finish. Both of these fountains come with appropriate mounting brackets so that you can ensure your installation will be safe and secure for many years of lasting beauty wherever you choose to install your new water feature.

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