Slate Tabletop Fountains

In tabletop fountains, slate may be used in many different ways. It may be hung like a small stone slab, allowing water to run down its face, like a miniature water wall, or stacked in tiers to create a desktop waterfall, or carved into a water cascade.  Like most other fountains, it is often combined with other materials to create different visual effects. The slate stone gives any fountain a more earthy appeal.


Our Favorite Slate Water Fountains for your Home


Slate Pyramid Outdoor Water Fountain with LED Light

Fountain is made from a slate material that is functional and beautiful
Fountain, decorative rocks, a submersible electric TP-400 water pump
Standard outdoor electrical outlet
Sturdy Water Fountain




Slate Water Fountain with Copper Accents

48 inches tall and 16 inches wide x 8 inches
Fountain is made from slate material with copper accents
Fountain includes decorative rocks, a submersible electric PP-388 water pump
Waterproof 10 watt LED spotlight





Floor Water Fountain with Climbing Vines

32.75 inches tall and Weighs 61.2 pounds
Slake fountain with  resin coating and a copper vine as a decorative element
Light included