Slate Tabletop Fountains

In tabletop fountains, slate may be used in many different ways. It may be hung like a small stone slab, allowing water to run down its face, like a miniature water wall, or stacked in tiers to create a desktop waterfall, or carved into a water cascade.  Like most other fountains, it is often combined with other materials to create different visual effects. The slate stone gives any fountain a more earthy appeal.


Our Favorite Slate Water Fountains for your Home


Slate Pyramid Outdoor Water Fountain with LED Light

Fountain is made from a slate material that is functional and beautiful
Fountain, decorative rocks, a submersible electric TP-400 water pump
Standard outdoor electrical outlet
Sturdy Water Fountain




Slate Water Fountain with Copper Accents

48 inches tall and 16 inches wide x 8 inches
Fountain is made from slate material with copper accents
Fountain includes decorative rocks, a submersible electric PP-388 water pump
Waterproof 10 watt LED spotlight





Floor Water Fountain with Climbing Vines

32.75 inches tall and Weighs 61.2 pounds
Slake fountain with  resin coating and a copper vine as a decorative element
Light included


Explore the Beauty of Indoor Slate Tabletop Fountains

Some of the best types of tabletop fountains are those made of slate. The indoor slate tabletop fountains are great for a number of reasons. One of the things that many people love about the fountains is that the slate has a different appearance once the water starts flowing through the fountain. The slate fountains offer a bit of elegance and class, and you will find enough different design styles to suit just about any different taste. Thanks to all of the different styles with the indoor slate tabletop fountains, you will be able to find some great gift-giving ideas in addition to buying your own fountains!

Striking Designs

You are going to be able to find many different styles when it comes to the indoor slate tabletop fountains. Classic styled designs that take inspiration from Asian, Greek, and Aztec culture, and designs that have a decidedly modern feel are available. The slate fountains can provide a nice and naturalistic look and feel to any room as well.

Relax and Unwind

Using the fountains can be very beneficial in ways that you might not yet realize. While the beauty of the fountains can certainly bring some life to a room, the sound of the water running through the fountain is also important. The sound of water trickling and flowing over the slate is very soothing.

These fountains are a great way to sit back and unwind after a long day. Some people even bring their slate fountains with them to their office or cubicle so that they can have that sweet sound all day long. The relaxation that you can achieve just through watching the water run down the slate is amazing as well.

While many of the indoor slate tabletop fountains use slate as the primary material, you will find other fountains that have accents. These accents, often copper, steel, or brass, can accentuate the beauty of the slate. The colors work quite well together.

Choosing Your Fountain and Setting It Up

Make sure that you check through all of the various indoor slate tabletop fountains available before you choose one. This way, you will be able to find that one that matches your room and your style the best. When the fountain arrives, you will be able to get it set up in no time with no special tools or knowledge needed.

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