Copper Tabletop Fountains

Copper has the distinctive ability to look rich while remaining warm and earthy. As with other fountains, copper may comprise the bulk of the tabletop fountain, or be combined with other materials, like ceramic, slate, cast stone, or bamboo. Being very malleable, copper can be formed into a wide variety of shapes which allows for some rather interesting designs.

Copper Table Fountains

Hummingbird Lily Fountain Tabletop

Enjoy the peaceful sounds of a tabletop fountain
Sized to fit almost anywhere
Compact and lightweight
Hummingbird fountain features copper-colored metal blooms and metal leaves
Water flows from the large flower to the other copper petals




John Timberland Tiered Copper Leaves Fountain

41″ high x 13 1/2″ wide x 10 1/2″ deep. Weighs 18 lbs.
Tiered fountain; water flows from top, cascading down each leaf.
Copper finish; cast resin construction makes this design very lightweight.
Includes real river rocks in lower basin.
Comes with water pump; easy set up.




Toscano Copper Falls Water Fountain

With burnished copper finished metal
Natural river stones and sweet water music
Standing nearly three feet tall, this large fountain will be the focal point of your outdoor decor as garden decorations
Exclusive to the Design Toscano brand, this self contained, freestanding waterfall garden fountain will be the focal



Fountain with Copper Accents and LED Spotlight

19 inches wide x 10 inches deep x 48 inches tall, weighs 95.4 pounds
Made from slate material with copper accents so it is functional and beautifu
Fountain, decorative rocks and a waterproof 10 watt LED spotlight
No plumbing is required
Holds approximately 3 gallons of water





Indoor Copper Tabletop Fountains Come in Many Varieties

When perusing the various options available with tabletop fountains, you will find that the indoor copper tabletop fountains have quite a bit to love. Copper is a popular metal for many reasons. It is attractive, and it is possible to polish the metal to produce a beautiful shine. The copper fountains, of all sizes, are very popular. They also happen to be very aesthetically pleasing, and they are sure to garner quite a bit of attention from everyone who sees it.

A Design for Everyone

One of the nice things about the indoor copper tabletop fountains is the sheer variety of designs that are available. You can find some great bowl designs with a number of different elements that make them unique. In addition, you can find some classically designed fountains that will sit on your table and offer a bit of elegance to any room. Some have rocks that you can place to create various patterns for the water to follow. Other indoor copper tabletop fountains have other elements in them, such as slate. With so many choices, it should be easy for you to find several fountains that are perfect for any space.

When you are looking at the designs, make sure that you check out all of the ones that are available. Once you find a few designs that you like, you can look at the space where you want to place the fountain. Choose the one that makes the most sense for that environment. You may find that you can buy other fountains that you enjoy for other rooms of the house too. No matter where you put your fountains, you can be sure that they are going to be able to add a bit of serenity.

Easy Installation and Use

As with most fountains, you will find that it is easy to set up the indoor copper tabletop fountains. It usually takes just a few minutes before you can start enjoying your new fountain. Because copper is a lightweight metal, and the fountains are small, you will be able to move the fountain around until you get it in the perfect spot.

Take some time to start looking for a new fountain today!

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