Cast Stone Tabletop Fountains

Cast stone is concrete cast to resemble actual stone sculptures. This allows tabletop fountains to be created with the durability and natural beauty of stone, without the added time, cost, and expense of hand sculpting real stone. This cast stone is also less porous than natural stone, which means that the potential for mineral and algae buildup is greatly reduced.

Relaxation Table Fountain

Indoor tabletop water fountain, made of cast stone resin.
Flowing water can increase the humidity of the air
Water cycle will bring you a comfortable mood
Gentle water falling helps to bring in a natural element.
Lights up the water fall
Waterproof LED




Crystal Ball Tabletop Fountain with LED Lights

Crystal ball at the top of the fountain
Meticulously cast by skilled craftsmen in durable polyresin
Featuring three stone plinths supporting carved, fluted bowls
Soothing water providing a relaxing backdrop





Cedric the Squirt Gothic Gargoyle Statue

Desk Fountain
Let our small fountain bring tranquility with the sound of water
Hand-cast using real crushed stone bonded with durable designer resin
Patio tabletop fountain or for your desktop
Gothic decor that is funneling water away from Medieval Gargoyle





Cast Fountains Under $30

Modern Water Fountain With 4 Tiers and Lights

Blend of modern design, zen elements, and simple charm for table or desk top
Enjoy your house, work or deck décor without worry.
Made from sturdy polyresin material





Zen Meditation Waterfall Fountain


The modern tabletop water fountain
fountain kit has a built-in quiet submersible pump
4-tier relaxing table top fountain decoration on display
For indoor or outdoor table top fountain feature