Candle Tabletop Fountains

ATwo of our most popular candle tabletop fountains are the Tranquila Indoor Fountain and The Meditation Table Fountain. The Tranquila Indoor Fountain has a simple black four-square design with compartments for river rock, Zen garden, bubbling water fountain and oil lamp features. The Meditation Table Fountain is tall with a candle accent at the top of a series of three natural slate panels with flowing water surrounded by unique copper accents. Both candle tabletop fountain options come with warranties and are lovely accents to any type of décor due to their simple lines, and natural beauty.


SereneLife Desktop Fountain

Some of the most popular indoor tabletop fountains in our slate series include tall water features over a single panel of slate, as well as the Waterdrop and Aqueduct Indoor Table Fountain models which have multiple streams of intersecting water for a continual display of movement and serene waters. Slate table top fountain accents bring instant appeal to your indoor spaces with their soothing water sounds, and solid rock construction couples with moon accents, copper and sensual features such as chimes and river rock which engage the senses on multiple levels. Each slate table top fountain comes with its own warranty, unique one of a kind slate focal point, and designs to create mood lighting along with a gorgeous water feature for your indoor spaces. You can even pair more than one of our beautiful slate tabletop fountains together for a collection of soothing water melodies and visual delights.


Candle Fountains on a table for perfect serenty


Zen Falls Candle Tabletop Waterfall

Decorative Accent
A stylish piece of home décor that fits on the kitchen counter
Fits on your living room table or office desk
Adds beautiful harmony to any living space.
Soothing Relaxation
Listen to the flowing waters and insert your favorite scented candle.



Meditating Buddha Candle

Light Up the Mood
This Fountain also allows you to add a circle tea light
Peaceful ambiance around meditating Buddha
Indoor & Outdoor Safe



Kitchen Aroma Indoor Wax Tabletop Fountain

Paraffin Wax+water Fountain Pump+led Light
Kitch Aroma water fountain candle is a air humidifier
When you simply add a few drops of aromatic oil
The unit has a built in timer option




Decorative Candle Fountain Waterfall

An Indoor Tabletop Fountain With Lighting Candles
Add Eternal Serenity Peace in Your Sorroundings
Perfect Ornament For Patio Tabletop
Office Altar
Long And Lasting Durability




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