Tabletop Fountains

With so many tabletop fountains to choose from, you are sure to find the perfect water fountain for your table, bedside stand or desk. Our tabletop water fountains have many styles, sizes, materials and colors to fit any taste and price budget. Find table water fountains in materials like copper, slate, stones, glass, ceramic, stainless steel, and more. If you are new to water fountains or have a table that needs an added touch, a tabletop fountain will be the perfect fit. You will be amazed at how the soothing water sounds will draw you in and help you relax after a long day. Don’t hesitate to contact us with your questions about how to decorate with a table top fountain.

Table top fountains include many different options. Our stylish collection of table top fountain configurations includes slate, sphere, candle and Eastern designs. We have special foundations designed specifically for the desk, or those which can accent tables or be a focal point and a prominent feature of your room décor. A table top fountain is created to bring a small bit of beauty to your room while not taking away from the larger structural pieces of your space.

You will find table top fountain options in our collection crafted of natural slate, resin and metals with features such as candle light, submersible halogen lighting and oil lamp options. Accents on these table top fountains include hanging elements, solid walls of slate, trickling and bubbling fountains and adjustable water flow. All of our models come with warranty information and many include video accompaniment to help you comprehend the beauty of these fountains in motion. Due to the natural components of our table top fountain collection each of our fountains is unique and will bring natural colorations and tones to your room décor while providing a soothing water feature that in many cases can also act as soft ambient light. No matter what size table top or desk you have in your room, we have a table top fountain that can accent your space and give you instant ambience.

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A tabletop fountain is a recommended choice for a variety of smaller surface spots in the home, as table accents on nightstands, coffee tables, end tables and desks. They are a smaller option for those perhaps pressed for space and still wishing to introduce the calming atmosphere of an indoor water fountain.

Indoor table top fountains are designed to be used on any flat surface in enclosed spaces. Although they don’t necessarily need protection from the elements, the natural elements such as slate, metal and river rock that compose the designs of our indoor table top fountain options help to bring the outdoors inside. The combination of sleek lines and simple designs in these indoor table top fountains encourages you to look to the natural beauty of the materials and connect with simpler times. Many of our customers use our indoor table top fountains as meditation focal points, and places to direct their frenzied minds throughout the day to help them remember to stay calm, or simply to create peaceful ambience in their home or office.

Many say that variety is the spice of life, and our selection of quality crafted indoor table top fountains is varied to encompass many different styles and design choices. Options such as the Bliss Indoor Table Fountain would easily assimilate into any room, while the Curvature Table Top Wall Fountain can be used as a focal point to draw the eye the moment you enter a space in your home or business. The beauty of our indoor table top fountain collection lies both in the streamlined designs, as well as the versatility of their space saving placement. Whether on a desk, accent table, or placed on a shelf these indoor table top fountains bring natural elements indoors for beauty focal points or to accent existing décor.


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Candle Table Top Fountains

Two of our most popular candle table top fountains are the Tranquila Indoor Fountain and The Meditation Table Fountain. The Tranquila Indoor Fountain has a simple black four square design with compartments for river rock, Zen garden, bubbling water fountain and oil lamp features. The Meditation Table Fountain is tall with a candle accent at the top of a series of three natural slate panels with flowing water surrounded by unique copper accents. Both candle table top fountain options come with warranties and are lovely accents to any type of décor due to their simple lines, and natural beauty.

Some of the most popular indoor table top fountains in our slate series include tall water features over a single panel of slate, as well as the Waterdrop and Aqueduct Indoor Table Fountain models which have multiple streams of intersecting water for a continual display of movement and serene waters. Slate table top fountain accents bring instant appeal to your indoor spaces with their soothing water sounds, and solid rock construction couples with moon accents, copper and sensual features such as chimes and river rock which engage the senses on multiple levels. Each slate table top fountain comes with its own warranty, unique one of a kind slate focal point, and designs to create mood lighting along with a gorgeous water feature for your indoor spaces. You can even pair more than one of our beautiful slate table top fountains together for a collection of soothing water melodies and visual delights.


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Eastern Table Top Fountains

Eastern table top fountains all have one thing in common – serenity. Whether you choose an Eastern table top fountain that has additional lighting features, or focuses on the gentle flow of water across river rock you will have chosen a distinctive piece which can enhance your calm throughout the day. Our Eastern table top fountain selection has been designed to complement multiple home and business décor styles. You will find sleek lines, black and grey tones, natural river rock, and accents such as slate discs, metal tones and multiple options for illumination and lighting in our collection.

To help you choose the perfect Eastern table top fountain we have provided size, specifications and warranty information for each our table top fountains as well as pictures which show the beauty of the artistic construction of these fountains. Several of our Eastern table top fountains also include video to help you experience the sights and sounds of our table top fountains in motion with gentle water movement. If you find peace gazing at the moon, sitting in meditation, or mindful practices an Eastern table top fountain will help you to focus your energy on positive moments of meditation throughout the day. All of our fountains are designed with space saving features in mind, and can be prominently displayed on desk or table tops, or tucked into sacred spaces, nooks and crannies throughout your home and office to help remind you to stop, look and listen even in the most stressful events of daily living.

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