Tabletop Fountains – Adding Beauty to your Tables and Desks

Whether it’s for a holiday, a birthday, a graduation or a wedding anniversary, picking out the ‘right’ gift is never easy. Though tried, tested and appropriate for every occasion, candles, crystal, and artificial flowers are still rather generic and are likely to end up unused, unappreciated and just dumped in the attic or the basement. As for bouquets of fresh flowers; wonderful as they may be, we all know where they are likely to end up in just a couple of days. Why not break away from the cliché gifts and go with something dramatically different? Why not gift a special person an item that’s both unique and usable – a tabletop water fountain.

Waterfalls are considered to be the most magnificent wonders of nature. Imagine if this wonder is displayed on your table or desk? A table top fountain does this magic of capturing the beauty and essence of a water fall to your tables and desks. It brings you a relaxing and stress relieving atmosphere. Tabletop fountains provide an excellent decorative style to your desk, thereby keeping the entire room fascinating. Table top fountains are made up of materials like glass, copper, stainless steel, ceramic and stone.

A Perfect Fit for any Space

A universal gift in that it is perfect for anybody no matter what the occasion, a tabletop fountain is still a unique gift idea and one that is sure to make a dramatic impression on the recipient. When you present someone with a tabletop fountain you can be sure your gift will be a one-of-a-kind. And because of their size, tabletop fountains can be used even in the smallest of apartments and condo units so that is never a restricting factor. While floor fountains and wall fountains would also make great gifts, tabletop models are the safer choice due to their extremely flexible nature. They can go pretty much anywhere.

In urban areas, where nature in any form is a much-coveted possession, natural design pieces such as indoor plants make very popular gifts but they can also be notoriously hard to maintain. A small fountain is also an excellent way to give the recipient a little bit of Mother Nature in his or her indoor space. Small fountains are a convenient, no-fuss natural design element in any room.

Stone Tabletop Fountains, Copper Tabletop Fountains, Slate Tabletop Fountains and Ceramic Tabletop Fountains are some of the different types available. There are also electrical and lighted table top fountains available. Electrical table top fountains are set up in places where there is an electrical outlet; where as lighted fountains are used in garden parties. The lighted table top fountains can be easily built with the help of bamboo sticks, stones and electric bulbs. These fountains make your table and its surroundings pretty and lively.

Tabletop fountains are nowadays commonly used as a popular gift item. They are inexpensive and attractive, thus, a major reason for its rising demand in gift shops. A table top fountain can be kept free from foul odor if distilled water is used and they are cleaned regularly. You will find the largest selection of table fountains online as there are often hundreds to choose from.

Are you looking for an affordable change to your interior decor? Now that the holidays are over and many of us are stuck in the midst of a cold winter, a small change to our inner spaces can often time give us the pleasure we need. Something as simple as a tabletop fountain can quickly “spruce” up your home in a snap and can provide some other water fountain benefits as well.

Tabletop water fountains can be found in so many materials you are sure to find the perfect accent to your space. Fountains can also be very affordable. Starting at under $30 you can find table fountains constructed of plastic or alabastrite materials. These fountains are typically lightweight and inexpensive but can still provide the soothing ambiance and beauty you are looking for. If your budget allows for more, you will find some gorgeous tabletop fountains constructed of natural material such as copper, slate, bamboo and more. Many of there fountains are handcrafted at the time of order and will add a look of quality and beauty to any room in your home.

If you are looking for a change, a tabletop fountain will be a perfect choice. Offering interior design ideas at great prices, water fountains can not only bring change but also provide beauty and relaxation as you enjoy! We provide a full selection of water fountains in all types.

Tabletop water fountains present the perfect gift. They are something you will not find in stores and there are so many to choose from with prices ranging from $25 to $300. You can spend under $100 and get yourself a pretty darn nice water fountain! There are many nice tabletop or desktop fountains under $50 as well.

With a tabletop fountain, you are able to surprise and delight as they are unique and beautiful with the added benefit of soothing sounds and you won’t break the bank! Almost all water fountains can ship very fast and if you just can’t decide which one to choose, try a gift certificate for a water fountain and let your lucky loved one choose their own!

Transcending Face Value

Tabletop water fountains make for more than just a pretty gift. They provide a relaxing experience that’s as auditory as they are visual – something that everybody yearns for at the end of another hectic day. This is just one of the reasons that make them perfect for gifting to busy people including students and young professionals.

There’s something about the constant movement of the water and the sound produced as it strikes the surface of the fountain. You’ve probably experienced it before – that soothing, relaxing feeling that you get from listening to waves crashing against the shore or a rushing river. Natural sounds like that of water can serve as a convenient retreat amidst all the bustle of the modern lifestyle.

When you give a tabletop fountain, the recipient will be getting more than just a cute little trinket. Several studies that have been done have attributed a wide range of health benefits including enhanced moods and improved sleep to the mere sound of running water. It turns out that nature sounds such as rustling leaves and running water trigger off positive feelings in the human brain. Talk about the gift that keeps on giving!

Deciding on That Perfect Gift

Once you start looking, you will discover that there’s actually a staggering variety of designs and materials you can choose from. While you can find a few brick-and-mortar stores that are dedicated to selling tabletop fountains, if you take a look online, you are sure to find an enormous selection that straddles all designs and price ranges. The better you know the person that you are buying for, the easier your choice will be. It shouldn’t be too hard to find one that’s not only perfect for the person and occasion but is easy on your wallet as well; a combination that’s as unique as the gift itself.

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