Small Fountains

A small indoor fountain can add a natural aura to any room and serves many health benefits as well. The waterfall sounds mimic that of nature, which can soothe and relax, at the same time adding moisture to the indoor air and minimizing potential dust particles and indoor air pollutants.

The natural white noise effect created by the falling water also helps maintain the tranquil environment by masking out annoying sounds. Of course, an obvious benefit is a beauty a waterfall exudes, through its intrinsic appeal of water cascading over gorgeous natural stone or glass.

This type of fountain is small enough to fit on any table, counter, or even a desk. One of the more common designs consists of a bowl-less than 10” in diameter that will sit on a table or a small stand. Some tabletop models have an assortment of sculpted crystals, like quartz, or colorful gemstones as the primary focus, where the water will flow over or around. Other tabletop fountains have a more contemporary look.

An advantage is the mobility of these fountains, as you can easily relocate them to any room in the house. However, their small size minimizes the natural effects of air ionization and white noise. You will not be able to reap the benefits of this type from another room, or in a large open area. The tabletop units are best for small rooms, on the nightstand beside the bed, on a desk that you work at, or as a centerpiece in a family room or kitchen.


The tabletop water fountain is also available as a misting or fogging unit. This is ideal for a small room in place of a humidifier, or a room that would require a little extra ambiance. The billowing mist fountain adds a mystical quality to any room.

Everyone knows that gorgeous, huge outdoor water fountains make the ideal centerpiece and offer a gathering place. An outdoor water fountain could not be an option if you rent your house or desire something to decorate your office area. Do not despair, an interior fountain is equally as attractive as well as offers the relaxing white sound of running water.

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