Preventing White Scale in Water Fountains

White scale can be an ugly problem with any type of water fountains, indoors or out. White Scale happens when you use hard water as opposed to distilled water and is the build up of calcium or lime from your hard water. Typically you will see the calcium deposits around the edges where the water hits.

Because using distilled water in your water fountains is not always a viable option, especially in large fountains and outdoor fountains, there are ways to prevent white scale build up from forming on your water fountains. The first thing I always recommend if you are going to be using tap/hard water in your fountains is to use the No More White Scale right off the bat. This allows you to prevent white scale from the start. By putting a capful in your fountains each week you can prevent these hard water stains from forming. No More White Scale is safe for fish and plants and is sold in 8 fl oz. bottles.

If you already have a fountain with white scale build up there are a couple tips you can try to remove it and prevent it from getting worse going forward. Soaking some vinegar water around the white scale and using a mild abrassive scrub pad will start to break down the deposits and remove them. You can also try CLR (calcium lime remover), commonly used to clean bathroom showers and such. The No More White Scale is another option. Being it will be completely safe for whatever the material of your fountain is, you can be sure this will not harm your water fountain. The No More White Scale will take time to get rid of these deposits but once you start using it over time it will break down the build up and start to eliminate it.

With springtime coming, I highly recommend staring off the season right and use the No More White Scale in your garden fountains. It is also the perfect time to start using it in you indoor fountains of any type. Keep your water fountains beautiful with No More White Scale!

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