Using Plants in Feng Shui

For a Fresh & Healthy Living Space, Follow These Simple Strategies

Plants are a simple yet highly effective way to decorate a space, purify the air, and catapult life changes.

Plants are a magnificent decorative furnishing for any space. The fact they are alive naturally propagates healthy flowing qi. Vibrant healthy green plants can liven up a room while cleansing the air through metabolic processes that release oxygen. Flowers can also refresh the look of a room by infusing the space with color. The one caveat is to make sure they are well maintained.

Stagnant Dark Corners

Hidden alcoves, dark corners, sloping ceilings or projecting architecture can deplete the natural flow of energy within a space. From a Feng Shui perspective, this can wreak havoc in one’s life since every part of the human body and life journey is encapsulated within the structure. Different types of plants can counteract these design faux pas.

Yang Plants

Yang plants have the ability to direct energy upward and boost the overall qi. Dracaena, Palms, or Hyacinth are terrific examples of yang plants. The strong upward growth helps stimulate sluggish qi associated with dark corners or under a sloping ceiling. The quality of their leaves reflects strong wood and fire qi. Therefore, placing these plants in the east, southeast or south directional portent of the structure will in effect stimulate the feng shui ba-gua portents associated with the life attributes of family, wealth, and fame respectively.

For corners that protrude in the architecture of a room soften with bushy plants or those plants with round leaves. The plant will absorb the otherwise cutting qi emitted by the corner. Since qi navigates in a sine wave pattern, right angles created by corners cause the qi to spiral out of control. This can be especially problematic if the corner is in close proximity to a desk or bed; areas where people tend to spend a great deal of time.

Plants in Bathrooms & Kitchens

Plants positioned in these rooms are sensational. The energy in a bathroom can be rather draining (yin) with all the flushing that goes on. Tall plants in particular will entice qi movement while simultaneously deplete the excess water energy associated with this room. The vibrant green color will infuse the room with a nurturing and relaxed feel.

The kitchen in Feng Shui philosophy resonates with the fire element (cookery), along with one’s wealth and health. Therefore, healthy imagery will symbolically affirm these life attributes while energetically fuel the fire source.

Flower Colors & Directional Placement

One can empower specific life aspirations by energetically lifting the qi with different flowers and their associated colors. Below is a quick reference guide on flower color placement.

  • North: Choose creamy white flowers to stimulate career and support the middle male offspring.
  • Northeast: Choose flowers with fire colors or yellows to arouse inner knowledge and support the youngest male family member.
  • East/Southeast: Tall greenery or blue flowers work best in these directions. Placed in the east will generate family energy and support for the eldest son while positioned in the southeast will spark finances and support the eldest daughter.
  • South: Star-shaped purple flowers create a dramatic look while activating the energy of one’s life goals and mission. The middle daughter receives support from this direction.
  • Southwest: Roses or pale yellow flowers ignite romance and keep the family matriarch grounded.
  • West: Yellow or white flowers in this direction align with one’s creative juices and playful nature. Support for the youngest female flows from this portent.
  • Northwest: Pack your suitcases for some travel and networking when you place yellow or white flowers in this direction. The family patriarch rules this section along with heavenly guidance.

Plants are a simple way to decorate a space. As decorative objects plants are very special because of their natural life force energy, air-purifying qualities, Feng Shui life activating capabilities, and the fabulous look they create.

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