Office Fountains

Businesses of every size and type can benefit by quickly conveying your company’s prestige and success in just one look. Everyone who enters your office or building will be in awe of the fountain that showcases your business name or logo. Adding a custom indoor fountain or wall fountain to your office is easier and more affordable than you might think and given the array of positive benefits it’s sure to provide, you’ll make your money back ten-fold – and in no time at all. can incorporate your company logo or business slogan on corporate indoor fountains of every size and style. You can choose slate, stainless steel, acrylic, copper, glass or a combination of materials to create an indoor water fountain for your business that will have your clients coming back for more. You can also choose from a corporate branded free-standing floor fountain, wall fountain, or logo-bearing table-top fountain and then personalize these to create an advertising median that will impress your clients like no other.

Business Fountains

And, with increased quality of air and a sense of relaxation, your employees will quickly notice a reduction in their stress levels, freeing them up to perform more optimally. Best of all, there’s simply no better way to “brand” your office than with a stunning waterfall complete with your company logo or crest in the middle of your entranceway, waiting room or commons area.

But if space is in short supply, you can create a unique office atmosphere by adding tabletop fountains to reception areas, conference areas, boardrooms and in individual offices. Because the fountains are calming, you can count on them to make your staff more productive and your clientele more at ease, creating a unique win-win situation that will positively impact your bottom line.

You can also create a more stress relieving environment for your meeting room while adding beauty, elegance, and office practicality. You probably never would have thought of it, but fountain designers did. The stunning allure of a stainless steel wall fountain combined with a dry erase whiteboard. The dry erase board is stored behind the unit and can easily be pulled out and attached over the front of the water panel when needed. Logos Can Be added to many of the floor and wall fountain styles. Make sure to look for the option.

Recommended Fountain Merchants

  • Exalted fountains
  • Serenity Health
  • Wish I Had That

Why We Recommend These Merchants

  • Large and Unique Selections – Many indoor fountain sites have a very limited selection of styles and models, and nothing unique to them. The sites we have recommended have the largest selection we have seen so far, and each has many offering that is unique to them.
  •  Free Shipping – These Merchants offer free shipping to your home or office, within the continental United States (some restrictions may apply). That is a huge benefit, especially with the larger fountains.
  • Secure Shopping You Can Count On – These online merchants have gone to great lengths to provide you with completely safe and secure shopping and check out – just one more step that is taken to ensure your complete satisfaction. Industry-standard Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) technology is used to allow for the encryption of potentially sensitive information. Information passed between your computer and their web site cannot be read, even in the highly unlikely event, it is intercepted by someone else.


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We need water to survive; everyone knows this, but more than just drinking enough water every day being in the presence of some small water source also has several benefits! People are quickly discovering benefits of water fountains and the stress relieving components they can bring to your every day life. If your office is eerily silent or has constant irritating sounds such as ringing phones.


Zen Rocks Copper Tabletop Fountain

Zen Rocks Copper Tabletop Fountain. This elegant water fountain is from BuddhaGroove. The theme of the fountain is set to depict the mindful aspect of cairn stones to create that “Zen atmosphere“. This tabletop fountain is handcrafted from slate rock and American-made copper. It was manufactured in America, measuring 10 x 10 x 6 inches.


Our selection of water features includes tabletop fountains made with a variety of material, including copper, ceramic, slate, stainless steel, and stone water fountains. You’ll also love that the smaller sizes make these Zen water fountains ideal for desks, tabletops, bathroom counters, nightstands and other special spots throughout your home.




Buddha Tabletop fountain

Buddha Indoor Water Fountain Tabletop for Home/Office Decoration, 3 Steps Handmade Zen Ornaments Decor Statue with LED Light and Water Pump Whavionp.

Generate tranquillity, relaxation, style and positive vibes into your home and working space with one of our calming Water Features. With such a vast selection of designs listing the use for indoor, outdoor and Alfresco, you are certain to find the suitable feature for your space.


An indoor water fountain is one of the most beautiful and versatile additions that you can make to your home….Perfect for those that want to make a statement in their home that is outstanding, dramatic, and unique beyond compare.. The variety of styles that are available online is truly astonishing. Indoor water wall features come in all shapes, sizes, and price ranges.


Alpine Tree Tiered Birdhouse

Shop our best selection of Tabletop Fountains to reflect your style and inspire your outdoor space. Find the perfect patio furniture & backyard decor, where you can buy online while you explore our room designs and curated looks for tips, ideas & inspiration to help you along the way.

Indoor fountains offer a way to connect with nature while adding a beautiful decor element to your home or office. In fact, office decorators and homeowners alike choose indoor water features to turn spaces into a spa-like oasis.

Modern indoor drinking fountains may incorporate filters to remove impurities from the water and chillers to reduce its temperature. In some regional dialects, water fountains are called bubblers . Water fountains are usually found in public places, like schools, rest areas, libraries, and grocery stores.



Add a relaxing water feature to your home or office with the Cascading sound of water Tabletop Water Fountain. This whimsical indoor water fountain is the perfect addition to the kitchen counter, cubicle, nightstand. An indoor water fountain is one of the most beautiful and versatile additions that you can make to your home.

Outdoor fountains are made from various materials. Some outdoor wall fountains are made of cast stone, which is a durable and light material. Fiberglass cascading can be treated to look like various metals, such as aged copper or iron. Another outdoor water fountain option is ceramic, but outdoor fountains can also be made from wood, other metals and rocks.


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