New Build Feng Shui Landscape Tips

You just bought your dream home, and some things seem off, but cant put your finger on it. Finish the landscape on a shoestring budget is your first top priority. The trick is to invest wisely while taking small, appropriate steps that are both comfortable on the pocket book and easy in time commitment. Here are some of Zen Solutions by Bridget’s Feng Shui Tips to help you get started on creating your very own Tranquil Spaces.


List of Feng Shui Tips for your home

1. Create an inspiring welcome vignette when you pull up to the drive. The first step in doing so is deciding if green is your color. Do you have the time commitment to maintain grass, or are low maintenance xeriscapes to your liking?

2. If you’re pouring concrete or laying a lock-stone sidewalk create one that has softly rounded curves that inspires you to slow down and enjoy the vista.

3. Raised or flush flower beds should mirror the flow of the walk. Choose plants, shrubs, and trees that are zone 2-3 hardy and appropriate with the amount of sun for facing directions. For instance, should your front yard be facing south choose plants that will lift their faces to the sun? If north facing, choose plants that are shade tolerant. (My first choice for purchasing trees and shrubs is a mom and pop shop. Their plants are zone specific and are cultivated here. The service is exceptional and the warranty fabulous.) Trees are relatively small to mid-size when purchasing but are prolific in growth within a year or two. I highly recommend taking “Lois Hole’s Favorite Trees & Shrubs” book along as reference material, the pictures illustrate the beauty of the mature trees.

4. When choosing perennials (plants that bloom yearly) try and choose blooming times that graduate, such as tulips for early spring, irises for mid-spring, peonies for early summer, and day lilies for late June and early July, etc. Check out this resource book from Early’s Garden Center before visiting your local garden centers.

5. Place a water feature such as a birdbath or fountain near the front door. Water can be calming and soothing. You will find yourself instantly relaxing before you even enter the front door. Dave has supplied us with many garden statues of his creation. You can mix and match bases and tops, and even choose your color and finish. We always leave with a smile on our faces and a treasure in the trunk!

6. New developments are always busy with construction, new builds, and landscaping projects; you can dim the environmental noise by hanging a stunning wind chime from the right corner of the front eaves. You’ll be surprised how quickly you forget you’re in the burbs.

7. The new builds are generally on narrow lots which equate to close neighbors, and although we often appreciate and respect these fine folk, we don’t always want to share our dinner with them. Cedar and or pressure treated fences serve well for creating intimate and private back yards. There is some man-made materials that will also serve you well in this regard. Chain-link and wrought iron back fences lend themselves to more industrial settings.

8. If a deck is on the agenda, keep in mind your intention for space. Will you be entertaining and if so does the square footage support the number of potential guests?

9. Patio paving stones are an economical way to create a flat surface for garden furniture. You can reduce the dividing line distraction with ground cover plants such as thyme which will not die when walked on.

10. Soften the effects of the hard, straight fence lines by planting trees, shrubs, and plants of various heights and shapes. Variety truly is the spice of life. (If you have house pets, review this link on poisonous plants for dogs and cats.

11. When creating a place for children to play, feng shui always ops for natural materials over man-made ones. Choose wood play houses and jungle gyms in cedar whenever possible. A soft bed of beach sand reduces bumps and bruises.

12. A wonderful way to introduce children to the wonders of nature is to build a couple of square foot gardens. These are low maintenance, and easy to weed and water.

One of my fondest memories is staying for a week at my grandpa’s in summer and rising early in the morning to pick fresh raspberries and strawberries for breakfast. To this day; fresh raspberries in milk takes me back to being care free, innocent and blissfully happy!

13. Placing a fire-pit in the far right-hand quarter of the property will inspire many cherished evenings for two or more.

14. If you truly want to create the perfect stay-cation contemplate the addition of a small pond in the far left quarter of the property. Don’t be afraid of the maintenance, once established the joys truly will outweigh the effort.

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