Misting Fountains

A Mist Fountain Provides Benefits Other Fountains Cannot

Unlike the more traditional indoor fountains, instead of flowing water, mist fountains create a low-lying fog that swirls in and around the pool of water that gives it a truly unique look, and also adds beneficial moisture to the air. which is completely safe for your family and your home.

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Admin note:

Sadly, as we mentioned below in the comments, some time ago, when we started this website, nearly a decade ago, there was a huge variety of mist fountains being sold. Many were very unique and creative. These days most fountain merchants no longer carry mist fountains, at all, and have opted just to carry the fogger units that can be added to any fountain.

In addition, most of the mist fountains that can be found are of a similar “glass bowl” style, only varying in the color of the glass bowl.


As this seems to be one of our most popular pages, we will do our best to list the mist fountains from wherever we can find them. They will likely be in limited supplies and go fairly quickly, so we apologize for any dead links or “Out of stock” items we list here.

Another option would be to purchase a fogging unit to place into an existing fountain, or any fancy or decorative object that you can fill with water. Just place the fogger unit into the bowl and turn it on. You now have a misting fountain. Fogger units can be bought with just the fogger aspect, or they can be purchased with the addition of color-changing lighting effects.

The downside is that the cord to the fogger unit gets draped over the edge of the bowl (though the fog will obscure part of it), but adding some decoration to the bowl or fountain, like artificial plants or vines, can be used to conceal the cord give the fountain a more appealing look in the process.  Use your imagination, and come up with something really creative that will enhance the look of your fountain even more.

Misting fountains are unique in that the thin white cloud of water droplets these mystical fountains produce, quietly condense in the surrounding atmosphere, creating a look that is second-to-none and health benefits that you simply cannot ignore.

Mist Fountains Do Not Use Chemicals Or Heating Elements

How does it work? Rest assured, these misting fountains do not contain any chemicals and no heating elements are used to create the magnificent billowing, effect. Instead, it is equipped with a built-in fogger unit that creates ultrasonic vibrations in the water. These vibrations create tension in the water, which produces a light, weightless mist that escapes in a beautiful, delicate white cloud, turning your tabletop fountain into an ultrasonic fogger.

Misting Fountains Have Health Benefits Too

The same ultrasonic vibrations that create the wispy cloud also create negative ions (much more than those produced by standard fountains) and these negative ions produce a very positive effect on the air you and your family breathe, adding moisture to the air, which is a must in warmer, drier climates or in colder climates during hard winter months. And, acting as a natural humidifier and ionic purifier, misting fountains not only make the air you breathe moist and higher quality for everyone in your home, but they also help to maintain healthier hair and skin.

Scented oils can be added to the water of a mist fountain to add a little aromatherapy into the mix.

A mist water fountain can match your home’s décor beautifully, and they can make the perfect focal point of any room. Many mist fountains use special lighting to enhance the effect or to just give the fog an ethereal glow. These fogging fountains can help you to create a special mood in any room or setting.

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