Keep your Winter Green with an Indoor Fountain!

Dry winter air is the enemy of every greenhouse. Many people go to great lengths to get their greenhouse healthy and humid during the winter season. Such extremes even include installing timed sprinkler systems! Such contraptions can easily flood or overflow, cause leakage and frost-action damage to the seals of your greenhouse. Not to mention these systems are expensive and difficult to install and maintain.

The problem of dry air can easily be overcome with a simple floor water fountain. These beautiful floor water fountains come in many styles and fit easy in almost any space. Most come pre-assembled and ready to use. The flowing water helps to keep the air in your greenhouse moist, and your plants will love it!

The Raku Water Basin is an excellent example of a floor water fountain. Ideal for patios and greenhouses, this fountain is modeled after the ancient Japanese traditional raku pottery. Available in three sizes, this style floor water fountain fits any budget.

The 6-Leaf Copper Waterfalls with Cattails is an exquisite example of an indoor floor water fountain. The water cascades down the leaves, in a relaxing pattern that helps aerate your greenhouse year-round. The lovely design of this floor water fountain compliments your greenhouse foliage while it helps humidify.

Misters and similar contraptions waste water and risk frozen pipes during especially cold weather. Using an electric floor standing fountain to help humidify your greenhouse not only saves water but helps prevent costly damages and repairs. Investing in a floor water fountain earth-friendly and cost effective!

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