Indoor Slate Wall Fountains

There are a lot of different materials that can be used to make the backdrops of wall fountains and one of the most impressive is slate. Indoor slate wall fountains provide the perfect backdrop to any room whether they are for the home or the office. Depending on which material the fountains backdrop is combined with will give a completely different result, for example if the indoor slate wall fountain is combined with stainless steel and black the result will be a contemporary and stylish fountain. The use of other materials as surrounds can give off rustic, elegant, rugged and many other desired effects that will blend perfectly into your existing décor.

The beauty of the indoor slate wall fountains is with the variation and sheer number of designs within the range, there are so many different textures and colors they are a perfect addition to any room. The unique and soothing properties of wall fountains is what attracts many people to them and there is nothing better than the water flowing gracefully over a slate backdrop. Slate is a natural material and is the perfect stone to use in constructing wall fountains, and when it has been carefully crafted to make a sensational indoor slate wall fountain there really is no better choice.
Soothing Walls offers a huge selection of Indoor Slate Wall Fountains for your home and office.

You will be amazed at the choice on offer and the indoor slate wall fountains selection has some of the widest and most varied designs. There is a large choice of sizes from the vertical to the horizontal designs and double and triple wall fountains for larger wall spaces. As touched on briefly in the article earlier it is amazing how combining different colors and trims to the wall fountains can transform the look and feel. One of the most contemporary indoor slate wall fountains is the Mirage Waters; this is a perfect example of utilizing the natural materials and combining them with modern ones to provide the perfect contemporary wall fountain. Mirage Waters makes use of stainless steel to set off the slate backdrop perfectly and the end result is something truly spectacular. Contemporary and modern is not the choice for many consumers and this is why the indoor slate wall fountains will provide something for everyone, for example the Majestic River Slate Wall Fountain gives a much more rustic feel by making use of copper metal as the trim.

If you find an indoor slate wall fountain you like then make sure you check out the different options that are available to you as it is possible to change the trims to suite your requirements. Many of the different fountains can be adapted to suite your needs by changing the trims to stainless steel, copper metal, copper vein or black copper and by changing the edges to rounded or square you can really modify the whole look and feel of the fountain. There are many different types of slate which are used to produce the backdrops of the fountains and these can also be changed to suite your requirements and by doing this you are making your indoor slate wall fountain into the perfect decorative feature for your room.

With so many different indoor slate wall fountains on the market making the decision to which one will best suite you can be a hard choice. With this in mind this article has five of the best indoor slate wall fountains listed below and if you buy any one of these designs you will be not be disappointed. These are in no particular order and there are other fantastic indoor slate wall fountains available but these are just some of the most elegant, stylish and beautifully crafted designs.

Top 5 indoor slate wall fountains

Pick One – Whispering Creek Wall Fountain

The first of the five has to be the classic Whispering Creek; this fountain captures perfectly the essence of indoor slate wall fountains and makes use of the finest natural materials. There is a whole array of uniquely colored natural stones and by using the rajah slate this brings a whole different dimension to the look and feel of the fountains. It is the attention to detail that really sets the Whispering Creek indoor slate wall fountains apart from the others and you can tell they have been carefully crafted by skilled and professional artists.

Pick Two – Inspiration Falls Slate Wall Fountain

Using just two adjectives to describe these indoor slate wall fountains would be elegant and stylish; there are many more which could be used as these have to be one of the finest fountains to be found anywhere. The stone used for the backdrop of the fountain is what sets these apart and by making use of carefully placed lighting on the fountains, and with the flow of water gently running over the backdrop the quality really does stand out.

Pick Three – Sunrise Springs Slate Wall Fountain

The sunrise springs indoor slate wall fountains are horizontal and are perfect for adding into any living space in your home. There is a very broad choice all of which make use of the finest materials and by combining these materials in different ways this has brought the best out of the range. If you like the rustic look or the contemporary feel then the Sunrise Springs collection has something for everyone.

Pick Four – Deep Creek Falls Wall Fountain

It can be said that it is all in the name and with a name such as Deep Creek Falls this instantly gives you the impression of an incredible design, harnessing the natural elements and combining them together to make a truly breathtaking wall fountain. The stone used in this indoor slate wall fountain is truly wonderful and with the mix of browns, greens, blacks and the use of marble the Deep Creek Falls indoor slate wall fountain has to be seen to be appreciated.

Pick Five – Cottonwood Falls Slate Wall Fountain

The final choice in the top five indoor slate wall fountains goes to Cottonwood Falls. Again majestically named this fountain makes use of the finest Rajah and green slates to create an elegant and sophisticated look. The stones are very vibrant and the best is brought out in them when the lighting is reflecting off the stone and through the flowing water. The Cottonwood Falls fountains make use of two stones to give them a magnificent finish.

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