How to Clean a Wall Fountain

Are you considering a wall fountain or do you have a wall fountain and just aren’t sure how to clean it?  This is a very common question due to the sheer size of some wall fountains and the fact that there generally is some assembly required.  Here are some great cleaning tips for larger wall fountains that will make this task easier for you.

Using water fountains in your home can serve many purposes and there are many benefits to water fountains. A big use for fountains is in interior decorating. Whether you have an interior decorator or are giving your home a face lift all on your own, chances are you will come across indoor water fountains as an option to use in decorating.

Indoor fountains come in many styles, you will find floor standing fountains, tabletop versions, wall fountains and what I like to call, fountains for niches. Each type of fountain comes in many varieties of materials and sizes.

If you have a wall fountain that is heavy or hangs from a mounting bracket on your wall and it is just not feasible to take it down to clean it every couple months, try these tips:

  1. Turn fountain off and empty the water out of the basin.  The easiest way to do this is to either purchase an extra pump that you can set in the fountain to pump the water out into a bucket, or use a shop vac to pump the water out.
  2. Once you have most of the water out of your wall fountain take a clean towel and wipe the excess out.  Be sure to wipe good around the edges as this is where algae will build up.
  3. Remove the pump if you can.  It is good to wash the pump with fresh water.  Due to the pump being stationary in the fountain you will find that it is quick to get build up as well.  If you can remove it simply take off the back and scrub inside with a toothbrush or other small brush.
  4. Gently clean the inside of the basin with fresh water and a non-abrasive sponge such as a Scotch Brite pad.  You can also use this pad of the face of your fountain if it is slate or marble.  This will free any build up off the face of your wall fountain.  If the fountain has a glass face simply use a glass cleaner.  We recommend Jazz Glass Cleaner, it is excellent.
  5. Once you have your fountain all cleaned and wiped thoroughly simply fill it back up with fresh water, plug it back in and you are all set.

Be sure to read any instructions or fountain care information that came with your wall fountain as well because there may be special care instructions for your specific fountain.  The above is meant to be a general cleaning guide for wall fountains.  You will also find much more information in our Tips and Advice Center.

Wall fountains are truly an affordable decorating piece as well. For under $800 you can have a nice sized art piece for our wall with added benefits. If you have the space you can get a wall fountain that is almost 7 feet tall for $1800 delivered. A wall fountain will last you many, many years and you will be amazed at the beauty and benefits one will provide. We offer a complete selection of wall fountains as well as all types of outdoor and indoor water fountains. Browse today and let them help you find the perfect fountain!

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