Stainless Steel Floor Fountains

Stainless steel, in-floor water fountains, is most often used as a framing material in waterwall style fountains, with stainless steel, copper, bronze, clear glass, mirror, slate, or other materials used for the facing of the waterwall, itself.  Stainless steel provides an elegant, contemporary look, and fits in perfectly with the more modern decor in your home or office. Though, many fountain models offer coating options, which are applied over the stainless steel to create a completely different look (Black, white, metallic copper, iron, oil-rubbed bronze, poly gold, etc…).

These types of water wall fountains can vary greatly in size from roughly 6 feet tall and a couple of feet wide, to 10 feet tall and 8 feet wide, depending on the model.   The larger fountains are great for accenting large wall in your home or office. They also make for great room dividers.

Modern Appeal of Stainless Steel Floor Fountains

If you have a modern style in your home, and you are seeking a water fountain, then you will want to consider indoor stainless steel floor fountains. They have clean lines, and some of them have a minimalistic feel even though they are quite beautiful. These types of fountains are also great for any business that is hoping to foster a sense of a modern, innovative workplace. The fountains are available in many different styles, and you should be able to find the size, style, and color that you need for your home or business without trouble.

Where Do the Fountains Look Best?

One of the great things about indoor stainless steel floor fountains is that they can look good just about anywhere. You will be able to have a fountain in your home, your office, and any other location that needs a touch of class. The sound of the water flowing over the fountain is relaxing, the design is beautiful on the fountains, and many of them are perfect for a professional environment.

When you are considering adding indoor stainless steel fountains, you are going to want to consider your other décor. Do the furnishings and other design elements in your home or workplace match with the fountain? You can find these fountains in many different styles, so you might want to look until you find one that matches your current décor. On the other hand, you could always find one of these fountains and then decorate around it if you need!

Relaxation and Beauty

Having the sound of running water in the environment is one of the primary draws of buying fountains in the first place. You will find that the sound that the stainless steel floor fountains can provide is quite relaxing. The added beauty of the fountain makes these items something that will really help your room stand out from the crowd.

You can find the fountains in various sizes. They have tall fountains that will reach nearly to the ceiling in many rooms. They also have smaller fountains that take up less room. The one that you choose should fit easily into your space without being distracting because of the size, and it should match the style you are trying to create.

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