Copper Floor Fountains

Nothing says class like gleaming copper. Where Stainless Steel provides a more contemporary look, copper fits in well with classical or rustic decor. Copper is used in much the same way as stainless steel when it comes to the waterwall style fountains. It is often used as a framing material in many of the same models as the stainless steel waterwalls, so look for the option. It is also used a face material in many floor fountains.

Copper is much more malleable than Stainless steel, and can be bent, molded, and crafted into a variety of designs like the freestanding cascade style floor fountain pictured here.

Decorate your Home or Office with these Copper Fountains

Copper Gardenfall with Bronze Mirror

5 step setup to enjoying your fountain
Made with heavy gauge stainless Steel
The pump includes a first stage filter
Water does not splash like other fountains





Tiered Classic Pedestal Garden Water Fountain

Made of lightweight molded resin plastic to look like copper
Soothing water flow
The design adds a formal classic look to your home






Clock and Halogen Light Fountain

49 inches tall, weighs 98.2 pounds
Made from slate material with copper accents
Sunnydaze Decor


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