Floor Fountains

Floor fountains are a versatile accent to your home or business that add structural lift and interest to open spaces, or an additional feature to varying level spaces such as gardens and seating areas. When selecting a floor fountain you want to think about how it will be seen. If the floor fountain is to be a centerpiece you might consider Tiered Floor Fountains, Sphere Floor Fountains or Clear Glass Floor Fountains to enable full viewing regardless of where you are in the room or space. Many floor fountains are designed to be centerpieces and have sturdy bases which hold them in place even in high traffic areas, or spaces where children or adults may be tempted to place their fingers in the soothing, tranquil flow of water.

Materials used in floor fountains are very diverse. Depending on the style you are looking for, you can find a floor fountain with metal accents, natural slate panels, spheres and balls, or stepped accents which allow for the gentle flow of water from basin to basin until they collect in a decorative base or bowl. Other floor fountain options are simple, sleek designs which allow the water to the main feature. Often these fountains feature a sleek panel of tempered mirror, glass or slate which provides a backdrop for the water flow and gives a feeling of warmth or reflection. Lighting options for floor fountains make them a nice additional source of soft glows in spaces whether indoors or out.


Sphere Floor Fountains

Sphere floor fountains make beautiful centerpieces, but also look great snuggled up in room corners to soften the edges, or tucked into an unexpected secret garden room outdoors. Constructed in a variety of finishes from dark to light, and from smooth polished designs to intricate carved accents the orbs of your sphere floor fountain options are often made of glass fiber reinforced concrete. This glass fiber reinforced concrete material takes the sphere shape easily, and allows for a wide variety of highly durable finish options from the luster of real stone without the heaviness of natural rock, or to highly polished metal and chrome spheres that would look perfect in a loft or city apartment.

Sphere floor fountains often feature a ball, or orb at the top of a tall pedestal, wider bowl or wok, or a tiered feature which allow the water to gently bubble and trickle over the ball shape, and cascade down the fountain to a base which captures and recirculates the water. The way the water caresses the orbs has a sensual appeal and is one of the things that makes a sphere floor fountain such an instantly soothing feature in any space. The sounds of sphere floor fountains are gentler, softer and smoother than many other floor fountains because of their design. Lighting options enhance the spherical nature of the fountain, and can create a circle of light that illuminates corner spaces or provides a nice central glow to the area of installation.

Clear Glass Floor Fountains

Clear glass floor fountains in our collection can be straight forward with simple elegant lines and clear glass panels, or can be more intricate with engraved panel designs or added structural details. We have clear glass floor fountain designs which can suite all styles of home décor whether contemporary or traditional or somewhere in between, and many of our most popular clear glass floor fountains can also be found in businesses.

Whether you choose a clear glass or etched panel, our fountains are designed for multi-angle viewing with center mounting in the base. This allows for full viewing around the fountain and allows a soothing panel of water to be used as central placement in your installation. A bit more distinctive is our Dark Copper Bamboo Garden Fall Fountain. This, like many of our clear glass fountains, is available in multiple finishes but has etched details which add a bit of class to your décor whether installed indoors or outside to complement a garden.

River rocks polished to a rich sheen come standard in most designs with your clear glass floor fountain to fill the base, and add another decorative element. Lighting options can make your clear glass floor fountain more versatile so that you can illuminate outdoor spaces, or add some soft atmospheric presence to an indoor setting without harsh lights that can destroy your peace of mind. If you are looking for a more elaborate design for focal use, you may enjoy our scrolled Water Trellis Fountain.


Indoor Floor Fountains – A Free-standing Showpiece All Their Own

Floor fountains are, essentially, the much larger siblings to tabletop fountains, with the same amazing flexibility in design, though not as portable. While there are no official categories, much of the design options available is determined by the material being used.  So, for ease of discussion, we have broken down the categories by material.  There will then be buttons for each that will take you to fountains of that category/material.

Free-standing floor fountains allow you to bring water to any room and to add a stunning deign feature that friends and family are sure to adore. And, because you can choose from an array of styles and materials, as well as a wide range of sizes, you can easily find an indoor water fountain that will increase your entire home’s appeal, while adding a tranquil Feng Shui touch that you will cherish for many, many years to come.

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