Office Feng Shui Tips – Choosing & Locating a Home Office Desk

The following Feng Shui tips will help to choose and locate the main piece of the office furniture – an office desk – for it to attract wealth and prosperity.

These days more and more people choose to work from home. For such individuals their home office is the place where they spend most of the time, make deals, and create their well-being. Feng Shui can help to enhance the flow of business, attract luck in financial affairs, and success in relationships with partners or supervisors. A correction in the location of your home office desk can help to reach these goals.

An Ideal Feng Shui Material for Office Furniture

The best material for an office desk is wood, since this Feng Shui element represents stability, stimulates creativity, career growth, and development. In addition, wood colors create a feeling of reliability and carry a potential for growth.

The Best Size for a Feng Shui Office Desk

The size of an office desk should not be too large in order for the owner to be able to easily reach everything needed. At the same time, the desk should not be too small, for the owner not to feel oneself deprived.

A Feng Shui Shape of an Office Desk

  • Square or rectangular-shaped office desks symbolize the support of the Earth Feng Shui element, which adds to the stability, reliability, and confidence of the desk owner.
  • A round or half-moon shaped desk is better for the people of creative professions, such as writers, designers, artists.
  • Wavy and smoothly curved shapes, combine with black and dark blue colors, attract wealth.

Feng Shui Colors for the Office Furniture

  • The best colors for the office furniture are the colors of wood. They stimulate and help to concentrate.
  • Black and dark blue add to the desk owner’s wealth and prosperity.
  • All the shades of green stimulate creativity and represent growth.
  • Dark red may also be a good option since it energizes, and calls for activeness.

Being the most important and integral piece of office furniture, an office desk can attract wealth and success into the owner’s life, if chosen and located correctly. So, when choosing an office desk, make sure its characteristics will positively influence your productivity and financial position. For this purpose consider the material, size, shape, and color of the office desk. A correct location of the office desk will increase the inflow of positive Feng Shui energy (Chi), and, in such a way, will positively influence the owner’s career.

Locating an Office and an Office Desk

There are several major rules that should be followed in the first place in order for the general Feng Shui of the office and office desk to be positive:

  • Don’t locate an office desk directly opposite the door.
  • Don’t have a window behind while sitting at the desk – the back should be ‘protected’ by a wall, or something solid. As an option, use a screen, for instance.
  • The office and the office desk should not be located at the end of a long corridor or under a stairway. In these positions, all the positive energy will be either not reaching the desk, or passing by.

Protecting the Desk from Negative Energy

  • As it was already mentioned, the back should be in some way protected while sitting at the desk. In order to enhance the effect of a wall or a screen, hang a picture of a mountain, a landscape, or a photo of an authoritative leader on it.
  • A high-back office chair is an excellent idea – the high back of the chair will be both protecting the owner’s back, and adding to his or her authoritativeness. An ideal variant is a high-back chair with armrests.
  • Place bookshelves on the left and on the right of the desk. They will symbolically serve as guards that protect both sides of the workspace.
  • Make sure there are no representations of water behind the back – water’s energy is too active, so its representations should be located only in front, not behind or above the sitter.
  • Remove all the clocks from the office. Chinese emperors and grandees traditionally never kept clocks in their throne- and work-rooms. A clock in the workplace is considered bad Feng Shui because it “counts” the time of rule and success.

Feng Shui Tips on Locating a Home Office Desk

The very first thing to consider when designing your home office is, of course, its location. According to Feng Shui, the best locations for an office or an office desk are the following ones:

  • Feng Shui wealth area is in the south-east. This Bagua zone is responsible for your home’s and family’s well-being. So, a home office located in this area is more likely to bring higher profit and success to your business.
  • Feng Shui fame and success zone is in the south. This area of your home is responsible for your success and achievements. Though an office located in this zone might not be bringing incredible income, it is sure to make you a more successful and popular individual.
  • Feng Shui career area is in the north. This Feng Shui zone deals directly with your career. So, if the career is the aspect to be enhanced, the north is the best location for your office desk.

Alternative Feng Shui Areas for Locating a Home Office Desk

However, depending on the nature of your work you might also choose the following compass directions to locate your working place:

  • Feng Shui area of mentors and helpful people. This Bagua zone is located in the north-west direction, and its purpose is to ensure that you always get help when it’s needed.
  • Feng Shui children area. This place is located in the west. Though this Bagua zone is usually called the Feng Shui children area, it is also responsible for creativity. So, if your work calls for creativity and imagination, it might be a good idea to place your home office in the west of the house or the room.
  • Feng Shui knowledge area is situated in the north-east of the dwelling. This place is a good location for a home office if your work requires continuous learning and development. Acquiring new knowledge and skills will be much easier and faster in the north-east.

Being an integral part of any workplace, an office desk can greatly influence the owner’s professional life, career, and business. Therefore, make sure the desk is located correctly, (ideally diagonally from the door), and the space behind, on the left, and on the right of it – properly protected from possible negative influences.

Depending on your personal and business goals, locate your office desk in one of the mentioned above Feng Shui areas. In addition, make sure the office room is large enough and well-lit. Feng Shui also recommends sitting in such a way that your back is ‘protected’ by something – a wall or a bookcase. Hopefully, these simple Feng Shui tips will bring you wealth and success, as well as help you to reach your goals.

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