Custom Water Fountains – Get Creative

Bring a beautiful custom water fountain into your office today and let everyone, employees and customers alike reap the benefits!

A custom waterfall of course will bring beauty. Custom fountains can be done any way you like it! A very popular style is a see through glass face with a stainless steel frame. These free standing custom fountains can be used as a blue ash office 013room divider in certain office settings or placed in a niche. The waterflow is visible from both sides so it can be enjoyed by all. Another popular style is a large wall fountain with glass or mirror. These look great on an entrance way wall where everyone coming in to the office can enjoy it. Behind a reception desk is another great application for a custom wall fountain.

Commercial settings are perfect for custom waterfall fountains for another reason. Their wonderful water sounds are very soothing, relaxing and stress-relieving. If you have a waiting area for clients or guests, a spa, or a general office with employees a waterfall will be appreciated and make quite an impression. Because these custom fountains are made to order you can personalize them with engraving or etching on the face to advertise your business as well.

Leave your customers and employees relaxed and coming back with a custom waterfall fountain at the office. You will not be disappointed and it will be well worth the investment.

Commercial Water Fountains

As you may or may not know, water fountains provide alternatives to the typical office decorating techniques and are often used by designers or even by architects when designing new office space. Not only are water features gorgeous to look at, they provide many benefits as well. In the business setting, commercial water fountains bring an advertising piece to the business that you will not find with typical office decor. You can add your corporate or business logo to your water fountain to personalize it and to remind your customers who is providing this beautiful piece with the soothing water sounds. They are sure to remember you when it is time again to visit a place of business such as yours. Also, you will find that water fountains provide a conversation piece and a gathering point leaving yet another positive impression on your customer or clients and giving them something to talk to their friends about. You will also find that your employees will greatly benefit from your water feature and be much more relaxed and stress-free creating higher productivity and overall better attitudes.

See what a water fountain can do for your business. Call us today for a quote or browse some commercial water fountains and get your ideas flowing. You won’t be disappointed and will realize very quickly you made a wise investment.

Custom Fountains for Doctors

Custom fountains are very popular in many medical facilities including doctor’s offices, dentist offices, chiropractors, optometrists and hospitals. There are a number of benefits including beautiful decor, soothing patients and employees, and a great way to for customers and clients to remember your place of healing.

A custom water feature can be designed to fit that spot in the office that has high traffic such as the waiting room, reception area or lobby. A water feature will definitely grab the customer and get their attention. Many medical offices have chosen to use a wall of water for a room divider or as a wall in the waiting room. Patients will quickly admire the fountain and relax at the sound and mesmerizing beauty of the flowing water.

Custom fountains are a perfect way to spruce up the office and keep patients coming back to you. You can add your logo to personalize your custom fountain and reinforce your brand name or business name. You will be amazed at how much your clients and employees will enjoy your new custom fountain!

Logo Wall Fountains: Advertise your Business

Whether you have a medical office, dental office, are a large hospital, law office, spa or bank, you can stick in your customer’s mind by advertising your business with a wall fountain and here is how…..

How is a customer or potential customer treated when they walk in the door? Is the phrase first impressions are lasting impressions true? Well I believe they are and if that is the case what about wowing your customer with a wall fountain? Not only do wall fountains provide visual beauty they also provide relaxing water sounds. Most businesses want their customers to feel relaxed and at ease during their visit or appointment. Your customers will not forget this lasting impression a wall fountain will make, nor will they forget that beautiful fountain XYZ Corp has when you walk in the office! You will be amazed at how fast word travels. We have had several of our customers call us thanking us for the fountain because they had many clients comment and even want one for their homes!

Add an extra eye opener for your wall fountain with a large company logo or business name engraved on the face of the fountain! Now your customer will not only have the sign outside to remind them of your business but the visual beauty of the wall fountain with your business name in their head for a long time to come!

Make yourself stand out today with a logo wall fountain to keep customers coming back. The possibilities are endless, lobby, patient room, customer waiting rooms, relaxation rooms at a spa etc. Open your mind, bring your customers minds at ease and enjoy the visual beauty of a wall fountain!

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