Buddha Fountains

Could there be any better way to create an environment of peace and serenity, than the figure of The Buddha combined with the tranquil flows of a water fountain? Whether for meditation, or simply a peaceful space to relax in, Buddha fountains would be a great addition to any location.

We have decided to create some theme based fountain pages. This one, obviously, features Buddha fountains. Some are a standing Buddha, some are busts or heads, and some are the Buddha seated in a lotus position.

Due to the themed nature of the page, we did not limit it to only indoor fountains. Some are indoor water fountains, some are outdoor fountains, and some are good for indoor or outdoor use.

As with all fountains, check the dimensions, and materials. The pictures can be deceiving with regards to the size. Without a proper frame of reference, a tabletop fountain can appear to be the same size as a garden fountain that is several feet tall. The price is a good indicator. Larger fountains tend to be more expensive.

Materials can also be a big factor. Some may be made of a lightweight polyresin, while others may be made from fiberglass reinforced concrete weighing hundreds of pounds. Great for a fixed spot, but not so good for something you may want to move frequently. Always check the details.