Decorating with Indoor Fountains

Choosing the right indoor water fountain for your home can sometimes be a very difficult task. After all, there are so many wonderful designs to choose from, it’s easy to forget the space restrictions that may be involved or that, while beautiful, certain styles may not fit in with your current decor. However, this article … Read more

Custom Water Fountains – Get Creative

Bring a beautiful custom water fountain into your office today and let everyone, employees and customers alike reap the benefits! A custom waterfall of course will bring beauty. Custom fountains can be done any way you like it! A very popular style is a see through glass face with a stainless steel frame. These free … Read more

Bringing Water Sounds Indoors with a Fountain

With the warm summer months winding up it is time to start thinking of ways you can incorporate the outdoors inside your home so you can continue to enjoy nature and all the benefits that relaxing atmosphere brings. If you have been enjoying an outdoor fountain all summer and relaxing on your patio to the … Read more

Find Out Why People Love Slate Fountains

When you hear the sound of streaming water moving across the stone, it has to be one of the most relaxing and inspiring sounds ever imaginable. This kind of sounds can bring into your mind visions of nature such as small streams and meandering rivers. Moreover, it can also drown out all unpleasant noises like … Read more

Sleeping Benefits from Indoor Fountains

To have a good night sleep is one the most important things you can do for your physical, mental and emotional health. We’ve all had our own sleeping troubles and often, the reason why we can’t sleep much is because of any present distraction whether it’s the sound of water dripping from your faucet or … Read more

Indoor Slate Fountains for All Occasions

In hosting parties in your own homes or offices, the most likely tendency for you is to look for that particular something that can creatively serve as an eye catching décor. To create a centerpiece or central point is an effective way in offering a decorative feature to draw your guests’ attention while stimulating conversation. Indoor … Read more

New Build Feng Shui Landscape Tips

You just bought your dream home, and some things seem off, but cant put your finger on it. Finish the landscape on a shoestring budget is your first top priority. The trick is to invest wisely while taking small, appropriate steps that are both comfortable on the pocket book and easy in time commitment. Here … Read more

Indoor Fountains Can Bring In Romance

When you are living under one roof with someone that you love, or you’re married for example, it’s always important for the two of you to share an intimate space that is tranquil and romantic. This space can be your sanctuary that will rid you of all the stress around you while providing you with … Read more

Keep your Winter Green with an Indoor Fountain!

Dry winter air is the enemy of every greenhouse. Many people go to great lengths to get their greenhouse healthy and humid during the winter season. Such extremes even include installing timed sprinkler systems! Such contraptions can easily flood or overflow, cause leakage and frost-action damage to the seals of your greenhouse. Not to mention … Read more

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